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Update & Grow ROI

Over the past couple of decades, we have heard and accepted that there is very little we can do to overcome and update these types of construction elements without a cost prohibitive tear off or re-cladding. However, with many advancements in product technology and the creativity of owners, architects and contractors, we have seen and completed numerous projects that have transformed a variety of properties (click below for case studies).

These projects have demonstrated that there are in fact cost effective options available and that these dated prope

rties can be updated significantly, providing an ROI not previously available from this segment.







This is good news for owners, investors and property managers who have held or acquired these properties assuming there were limitations in terms of value potential. Whether the

goal is to better position an asset for re-sale or to move into a more profitable leasing category, the possibilities are much greater than in previous cycles.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your property and to help design turn-key solutions that unlock the untapped value available in your portfolio.