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denver commercial coating servicesWhether your property is in need of a fresh paint job for a new look & protection from the elements, or a complete update from legacy trends such as exposed aggregate, unattractive brick, or decades old color schemes, we offer cost effective solutions to any challenge. View our case studies here

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Specialty Coatings

Denver Commercial Coatings has decades of experience working with a wide variety of specialty coatings and sealants to update virtually any substrate material.

tivoli before
Tivoli Building Before

Building owners and managers often find architectural demands or aging or environmental challenges that require the use of materials that they don't have experience with or are not aware of. Many contractors have not worked with these materials either and are not in a position to recognize when a specialty solution can be utilized to address  an issue that is impacting your property's value.

Our expertise and innovation has been instrumental in solving the toughest of challenges. A few noteworthy projects that required innovative, specialty coatings solutions include:

tivoli after
Tivoli Building After

The Tivoli Building restoration. We designed a process to strip over 80,000 square feet of 100 year old brick on a busy college campus, without damaging a landmark building, without disrupting operations and without creating uncomfortable fumes and safety hazards. The restoration was recognized with an award from the Downtown Denver Partnership and the building was restored to its original beauty after 100 years of neglect.

The Petroleum Building. A 1950's metal clad high rise office building that was dated and deteriorating. Replacing the entire exterior skin was too costly and traditional painting would not provide a long term solution or proper finish. We worked with the building owner and several manufacturers, testing numerous products until we found an appropriate application. The entire envelope was reinvigorated and updated to today's standards during busy downtown traffic, with no disruption to tenants or traffic.

Contact us the next time you have building issues that don't seem to have an answer. Our reputation and experience has provided many leading commercial real estate professionals with alternatives and confidence.

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