Corporate 25

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7200 s Alton Way
Centennial, CO Centennial
Property Type: Office
Property Size: 134,500 SF
Property Build Date: 1981
Exterior repaint and reseal of 135,000SF, 1981 aggregate suburban office property. This value-add project had never been coated and was completely transformed to provide excellent highway visibility and improved marketability. The coatings also provide the previously uncoated and deteriorating aggregate much needed protection from the elements.

  • Rust stained aggregate cleaned & treated with epoxy patch material to prevent future staining
  • Exposed aggregate primed/sealed to protect from moisture & continued degradation
  • Elastomeric coatings provide modern/updated appearance & protection from the elements
  • Joint sealants repaired/replaced
  • Products: StoCorp Lotuson Self Cleaning Paint System