Polo Club Condominiums

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3131 e Alameda
Denver, CO
Property Type: Multi-Family
Property Size: 167 Units
Property Build Date: 1966
We have painted the Polo Club building since the 1970's and are proud to have been the only contractor to paint this iconic property at each paint cycle since it was built and consider the Polo Club one of our best references. This project has demonstrated our unmatched high rise capabilities, quality and durability of our work as well as our commitment to the highest level of service, project management and communication, which are critical to successful projects that include multiple stakeholders with over 150 homeowners, board members, on-site management and guests.

  • Complete surface prep & sealant repairs
  • Exterior painting of all concrete balconies, ceilings, soffits, site walls, roof buildings
  • Swing stage access - 250' high rise
  • StoCorp self cleaning coatings