Tivoli Student Union

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900 Auraria Parkway
Denver, CO
Property Type: Specialty
Property Size: 328,000 sf
Property Build Date: 1870
Built in 1870 the iconic Tivoli building had been painted at various times and was restored in an award winning project to return the exterior to it's original brick finish. This project required the careful removal of many layers of paint from delicate, century old brick. In addition to strict historical requirements, unique solutions were developed to manage the containment and disposal of significant volumes of material generated from stripping hundreds of thousands of square feet of paint.

  • Testing & development of efficient, safe processes for stripping & material management
  • Removal of all coatings
  • Containment & disposal of removed coatings & stripper
  • Complex safety & project management coordination
  • Product: Peel Away paint stripper